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Why Is It Free?

Our analysis comes at absolutely no cost to you because we believe in providing upfront ​value without any strings attached. We're committed to helping businesses like yours ​thrive without adding financial burden, while allowing you to make informed decisions ​with the benefit of our expert and professional advice.

What’s Included?

  • Rate, Rate Type & Duration.

  • Meter Class Verification; Prevents ​misclassification by the utility.

  • Applicable Taxes Assessment; Identify ​potential over taxation or proper ​taxation.

  • Funds Availability; Explore grants and ​other favorable financing for building ​improvements and upgrades.

  • Load Factor Evaluation; Analyzes ​efficiency at each location.
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Why Is This Important?

Each of the above components is important for ​your business as they can all represent risk and ​cost volatility or alternatively, dollar savings ​and risk avoidance. By letting our experts ​thoroughly examine these areas, you not only ​safeguard your business against potential ​damages but also unlock opportunities for ​bottom line savings.

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Take a strategic move towards optimizing your ​business and unlocking real value.

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To learn more, we offer a brief 20-minute Zoom call with our experts, wherein we walk ​you through our process and determine whether or not your business is a good fit for ​our program.


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