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Zero Cost

A Revolutionary Approach to Energy Savings

The Zero Cost program enables your business to significantly reduce electricity, gas, ​water, and other utility expenses without any upfront investment. Leveraging our state-​of-the-art energy-saving technologies, the cost savings we generate will fully cover the ​expenses, ensuring a seamless and cost-neutral implementation.

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Natural Gas

  • Reduction of ​Consumption
  • Building Envelope, ​Insulation & Roofs
  • Heat Capture & Energy ​Harvesting
  • Furnace & Heat Pump ​Upgrades, Maintenance
  • Tech – Smart ​Controls/Meters/Systems/​Sensors, Modernization of ​Equipment etc.


  • Reduction of ​Consumption
  • Furnace & Heat Pump ​Upgrades, Maintenance
  • Efficient Appliances
  • Gateway Solutions
  • Smart Irrigation Systems
  • Smart Laundry Solution
  • Water Treatment ​Upgrades
  • Tech – Smart Meters, ​Sensors, Modernization of ​Equipment etc.


  • Reduction of ​Consumption
  • Load Factor Improvement
  • Co-Generation
  • Micro-Grid Solutions
  • Renewable Generation
  • Building Envelope
  • Tech – HVAC, Motor ​Controllers, Smart Chips, ​Smart Systems, Chiller ​Systems, VRF, Window, ​Rooftops, IoT, LED etc.


  • Proprietary, Patented Low ​Calorie MSW to Electricity ​Solutions
  • Waste Management & ​Recycling Systems low-to-​zero emissions)
  • Structural & Real Estate ​Projects, Sustainable ​Housing
  • Sustainable Farming & ​Food Projects

What We Do - Managed Services Agreement

  • Managed Services Agreements (MSA’s), ​aka: Virtual Utility Services are the future ​of the industry; and we are pioneering ​this change

  • Managed Utility Services Agreement ​(Reduction of Electricity, Natural-Gas or ​Water Utilities)

  • Managed Infrastructure Services ​Agreement (Modernization and/or ​upgrading of Infrastructure-based ​Equipment & Related Assets)
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How We Do It - Customized Bespoke Solutions

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  • Unique Engineering Services (aka: ​Environmental Engineering)

  • Conservation & Efficiency Based ​Technologies (hardware, equipment and ​software)

  • Smart Controls & IoT Products for ​Analytics, Automation, Efficiency, KPI, ​Safety & Tracking

Unique Value Proposition – Zero Out of Pocket Cost

  • Our clients avoid upfront cost, while at ​the same time experiencing an ​immediate bottom line savings because ​we guarantee a new usage forecast ​(kwh, therms or gallons).

  • Corporations, Cities, Counties and/or ​School Districts can achieve their ​sustainability or conservation goals, ​without incurring additional expenses or ​having to issue bonds.
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Managed Utility Services Agreement

Baseline vs. Forecasted Power Consumption 26% Reduction

Prospect: Regional Chain ​of 60 Restaurants

Client Case Example 1

Prospect: Regional Chain of 60 ​Restaurants

20 Year Value Proposition: $4.9MM

How the Client Benefits

1. Reduction of Consumption = Reduction of Monthly Operating Expenses & Immediate ​Savings to the bottom-line.

2. Improvement of Load Factor = Reduction of transmission and distribution fees from the ​local distribution utility company.

3. Service Level Agreement = Guaranteed reduction of electricity, natural gas and/or water ​consumption, while avoiding any capex requirements.

4. Avoid incurring Liabilities on the Balance Sheet = Off Balance Sheet Transaction via ​Managed Services Agreement (MSA); and No Upfront Cost.

5. Achieve Environmental and Sustainability objectives = Go Green, without paying a ​premium or having to depend on tax subsidies.

6. Increase the longevity of equipment and components (less wear & tear).


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