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The Problem

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Experts estimate as much ​as 60% of all power ​generated is wasted

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20 Years

Most buildings are greater ​than 20 years old

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Estimated that consumers ​waste nearly $100B each ​year

Your Pathway to a Brighter Energy ​Future Starts Here

Old Business Model

Utilities are a 100-year old ​industry, whose motive is to ​build revenue by selling you ​electricity, natural gas or ​water.

Esoteric Knowledge

Most buildings owners and ​decision makers are lost ​when it comes to energy ​procurement, efficiency, ​conservation because the ​industry is fragmented with ​competing interest.

Outdated Infrastructure

Most of the American Power ​Grid and other infrastructure ​was build mostly in the ​1950’s and 1960’s, as a ​result, the system is highly ​inefficient

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Aging Buildings

Most buildings are greater ​than 20 years old. On ​average, buildings represent ​40% of electricity use and ​40% of CO2 emissions. In ​major cities, these figures ​surpass the 70% mark.

Environmental Dilemma

Many individuals genuinely ​want to be environmentally ​responsible, but often are ​unsure how to begin. They ​may lack the knowledge or ​resources needed to take ​meaningful action.

How We Are Addressing The Problem

At Green Energy Solutions, we offer a comprehensive approach to energy management ​that encompasses conservation, procurement, risk mitigation, long-term value, and ​environmental responsibility. Through our proprietary software and other methods, we ​reduce electricity, natural gas, and water consumption, contributing to conservation ​efforts.

Our procurement and risk mitigation strategy involves recommending procurement ​approaches for power and natural gas, leveraging our vast customer base to ensure ​competitive vendor selection.

By combining conservation techniques with our procurement advisory services, our ​clients realize not only immediate cost savings but also long-term benefits, enhancing ​enterprise value and achieving sustainability objectives.

Understanding the challenges individuals face in navigating environmental ​responsibilities, we provide comprehensive support every step of the way. From ​guidance to resources and expertise, Green Energy Solutions is here to assist you in ​meeting your environmental goals effectively and responsibly.


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