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Visionary Sustainability

Our vision entails a future where businesses effortlessly incorporate sustainable energy ​practices, fostering economic prosperity while actively contributing to a healthier and ​more environmentally conscious world.

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A Crosby Brownlie Company

Green Energy Solutions shares a rich history with Crosby Brownlie, Inc., and together we ​are committed to delivering innovative and sustainable energy solutions that meet the ​highest standards of quality and integrity.

As a family-owned business, founded by Gavin Brownlie Sr. and now led by Gavin ​Brownlie Jr., LEED AP, and Jason Brownlie, the company continues to thrive under their ​guidance. We are driven by the same principles and are active participants in industry ​organizations such as SMACNA, MCAA, ASHRAE, BOMA, and many more, ensuring we ​stay at the forefront of innovation and best practices in our field.

By aligning ourselves with Crosby Brownlie, we reinforce our commitment to quality and ​excellence in green energy solutions, ensuring that our clients receive the best in ​sustainable and reliable energy services.

At Green Energy Solutions, we lead energy ​sector transformation with innovative, ​sustainable solutions tailored to diverse ​industries. Empowering clients with ​expertise and tools, we navigate the energy ​landscape efficiently.

Smart house concept. Smart grid. Renewable energy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for and represent businesses in the evolving energy sector, ​ensuring their interests are heard and championed. We aim to secure sustained ​growth and create lasting value for our clients. Learn more about our commitment by ​viewing our Company Introductory Deck below.

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