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Our Services at are designed to streamline and enhance every aspect of your energy ​and sustainability needs. We are committed to ensuring a hassle-free process for your ​business. At Green Energy Solutions, we're not just providing services; we're ​empowering your business with comprehensive solutions to thrive in a sustainable and ​efficient future.

Energy Procurement

The United States spends approximately $650 billion annually on utilities. For most businesses, this ​represents a significant cost line item and should warrant expert and professional representation from an ​experienced advisor and brokerage. We represent you in the procurement process, allowing you to realize ​savings and mitigate future market risks.


While expert research varies, all agree that an exorbitant amount of electricity generated in the U.S. is ​wasted energy (ranging from 35% up to 68%). We specialize in creating bottom-line dollar savings through ​responsible utility use, irrespective of your location, application, or building type. We achieve this through ​our proprietary technology and the implementation of proven third-party technologies.

Water & Waste Solutions

Because our vision is to reduce CO2 emissions through the responsible use of utilities and related ​commodities, we also assist customers in responsible usage and conservation practices, particularly in the ​areas of water and waste management. In the U.S., approximately $200 billion a year is spent on solid ​waste management, leading to lost energy resources from disposing of trash.

Renewable Energy Generation

We specialize in empowering commercial, industrial, and municipal clients to take control of their energy ​consumption while advancing sustainability goals. This involves sourcing your energy needs from on-site ​renewable power generation capabilities or virtually, through renewable power assets located elsewhere on ​the power grid. This may include Solar and any other solution that makes the most economic sense for your ​business.

ESG Strategy & Planning

Whether you're seeking to improve energy efficiency, navigate complex energy markets, or integrate ​renewable energy sources into your operations, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Leveraging ​our expertise in energy procurement, risk management, and renewable energy integration, we offer ​strategic insights and innovative solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

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We reduce the consumption of ​electricity, natural gas and/or water ​usage through our proprietary ​software and other methods.

Strategic Sourcing

We recommend a procurement and ​hedging strategy for power and ​natural gas, then make suppliers ​compete to be your vendor.


By combining conservation ​methods with our procurement ​advisory services, our clients are ​able to reap dollar savings, ​enhance enterprise value and ​achieve sustainability goals.

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A Crosby Brownlie Company

Green Energy Solutions shares a rich history with Crosby Brownlie, Inc. and together we ​are committed to delivering innovative and sustainable energy solutions that meet the ​highest standards of quality and integrity.


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